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    what a wonderful opportunity. i haven't been able to join you yet, but it is something i want to do in the near future. thank you for organizing this.
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    6:00 Tonight!
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    Reminder: This happens Friday!
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    Coming up again on April 12
  7. The bug @Ozzalus brought to my attention about being unable to send PMs should be resolved.
  8. Hi all! This is the place to drop a line if you find you can't do something you think you should be able to do (likes message someone). I've never used Invision before, and it's defaults are kinda weird and hard to edit en mass. So if you have notice anything that feels off, post here, or message/@ me.
  9. We have only seven spots left, as of this afternoon. The Full-Bodied Writing Retreat, "Entering the Heart of Your Story," is June 28-30. • faculty includes Katherine Grace Bond, Janet Lee Carey, Andrew Bond, and Peter Kahle • thought-provoking craft sessions • manuscript critique • gourmet meals by Chef Tracy • stunning views • a healing massage by Rene Pinkham, LMP, or a choice of massage or wellness consult with Dr. James Drake, LMP, ND. The final discount code is SPRINGSPCL and gives you $70 off. The retreat takes place on Hood Canal in Western Washington. Transportation from the airport can be arranged.http://epicwrite.org/event/fbw_retreat-summer-2019/
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    On for tonight!
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